Cartridge Heaters

Highlights :  - Diameter - ø6mm to ø32mm
                      - Length - 40mm to 1000mm
                      - Watt Density - 20 to 90 watt/            

            Known also by the name of pencil heaters, cartridge heaters find their ways into  heating of dies, moulds, platens of plastic and rubber component manufacturing  industries, compressors, dryers, sealing & packaging machines, medical equipment and food processing industries.

           They can be provided with different types of connections, end terminations, and with/without thermocouples to suit requirements.

Sheath options :  - S.S.
                               - Brass
                               - Incoloy

Subtypes :  - Regular Cartridge Heater
                     - High Watt Cartridge Heater
                     - Flat type Cartridge Heater

Required details for placing an order : Detailed dimensional drawing

Different Types of Cartridge Heaters

Industrial Theme

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