Infrared Heaters

            These heaters follow the principle of electromagnetic radiation, wherein the energy flows in the form of light getting absorbed by the bodies/substance in the way thus causing the temperature rise. Every IR heater produces specific wavelength. It is selected depending on the job requirement, curing time and temperature rise. Heaters making use of radient heat find application is particular fields
                   - Packing industry
                   - Pharma/Medical
                   - Food industry
                   - Plastic processing
                   - Paint & printing industry
                   - Surface heat treatment

Classification based on wavelength :  - Short Wave (SW) (coated or uncoated, ā€œUā€ bend or straight)
                                                                   - Medium Wave (MW)
                                                                   - Ceramic Infrared Heater (I.R.) ( rectangular, square, round,
                                                                     insulated, with or without thermocouple)

Nano Infrared Heaters

           Nano Infrared barrel heaters work on the same operating principle like IR heaters, where electromagnetic wave/energy that is generated is targeted on to the barrel of plastic injection moulding in turn getting converted into heat and absorbed causing defined temperature rise.


          We have capability to manufacture these heaters. They come in various combinations like with blower, exhaust vents etc.

           Advantages compared to conventional barrel heaters :  - Quick heating
                                                                                                              - Energy efficient
                                                                                                       - Low surface temperature. Thus                                                                                                                                     helps to maintain                                                                                                                                 optimum working environment
                                                                                                             - Capable of operating at high                                                                                                                                               temperatures.
                                                                                                             - Long service life
                                                                                                             - Less breakdown
           Generally used in plastic processing industry.

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