Band Heaters

Ceramic Band Heater

Highlights :  - Diameter : ø40 mm and above
                       - Width : 20mm and above
                       - Maximum Watt Density : 25 watt/

            Ceramic band heaters are used for heating dies, moulds, barrels etc. in plastic processing industries. Being designed with higher watt densities they help to achieve temperature at faster rates with lesser power consumption. These heaters consist of a spiral wound resistance coil inserted in ceramic steatites helping to design heaters with higher watt densities and lasting life. Here also we can offer ceramic thermal insulation or pads for the purpose of energy saving.

            These heaters can also accommodate thermocouple hole, cut-out & perforated outer cover to suit requirements.

Required details for placing an order :  - Detailed dimensional drawing.

Mica Band Heater

Highlights :  - Diameter: ø25mm and above
                      - Width: 25mm and above
                      - Maximum Watt Density: 18 Watt/Sq.In


        Mica heaters are most preferred elements in the field of plastic processing industries to heat dies, barrels and nozzles because of their economical and long-lasting value for money advantage.

           They can be made in single or segmented construction with/without
thermocouple holes or various cut-outs. We also manufacture in different strip & plate type shapes totally as per requirement.
           To reduce energy consumption and heat losses we can provide heater with ceramic thermal insulation jackets or pads on demand. 

Required details for placing an order :  - Detailed dimensional drawing.

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