Ceramic Heaters

  •  These heaters are used for heating dyes, moulds, barrels in plastic processing industries; they can achieve needed temperature quickly with lesser power consumption.
  •  In ceramic heaters, spirally wound resistance coil is inserted in ceramic steatites helping to design heater having higher watt densities with long lasting life.
  •  They are supplied in S.S sheath with thermal insulation to avoid heat losses.
  •  Higher wattage allows faster & efficient heating.
  •  Possible to be made in single or split construction as per the application demand.
  •  Various connections & terminations can be provided.
  •  They can be supplied with a heating & cooling combination mounted with a blower.
  •  Based on the application various end terminations can be provided.
  •  When ordering kindly provide Inner Diameter, Width, Wattage, Voltage, Orientation of Thermocouple hole, End termination.