Tubular Heaters

  •  These heaters are most versatile & found in every possible application like paper, plating, refineries, pharmaceuticals, food processing industries, plastic molding dyes, heat treatment application, dehumidifier, chemical & aluminum industries, manifolds & heating banks etc.
  •  They can practically be bent into any shape without compromising on its functional parameters.
  •  Tubular heaters are classified based on their application like immersion, air heating & mould heaters.
  •  They are supplied in S.S 304, 316, Incoloy, Titanium & Copper grade sheaths & right quality of material to provide reliable & trouble free operations.
  •  In air heaters, fins are used to increase heating area which helps to achieve better heat transfer rates. Heaters can be supplied with fins having circular & rectangular shape.
  •  Based on your application & design these heaters can be custom build.
  •  When ordering kindly provide Tube Diameter (Ø), drawing, wattage, voltage & application.