Porcelain Heaters

  •  Porcelain heaters are made of fluted circular porcelain beads through which a spirally wound resistance wire is inserted.
  •  These porcelain beads sustain higher temperature & help in better heat transfer.
  •  Porcelain heaters coupled with S.S 304, 310, 310L, Titanium & glass sheaths can be used for immersion heating.
  •  These heaters can be made in single, two & three phases.
  •  Various types of connections & end terminations are possible.
  •  These heaters find their application in chemical, paper, plastic, printing & foundry industries.
  •  Note : - It should be taken into consideration that ID of pipe where these heaters are fitted should be nearly same as OD of a heater.
  •  When ordering kindly specify Outer Diameter, Length, Wattage, Voltage, Application & End terminations.