Mica Band Heaters

  •  Owing to their economical and long lasting/value for money advantage these are the most preferred heating products used in the field of plastic processing industries to heat dies, extrusion barrels & nozzles.
  •  As the name suggests, these are made of mica which has good electrical insulation, Di-electric & thermal properties.
  •  Resistance wire is selected and wound with utmost care, ensuring uniform heating and longer life.
  •  They can be supplied using M.S, S.S and brass sheaths with energy saving insulation.
  •  As per the application, they can be made into a single or segmented construction, with/without thermocouple & cut-out holes.
  •  We have all the necessary capabilities to manufacture these heaters as per the technical requirements of the customer.
  •  When ordering kindly provide, Inner Diameter(Ø), Width, Wattage, Voltage, Orientation of Thermocouple holes & cut-outs, End terminations & requirement of Thermal insulation.
  •  NOTE :- Mica band heaters should be re-tightened after being used for the first time to ensure a longer product life.